Are you interested in selling your wares at a pop-up event or festival at one of our properties? We'd love to add you to our family of talented designers and makers that includes Feathers, Fort Lonesome, KKDW, Canoe Goods, Esby Apparel, Alchemy, Hey Murphy, Leah Duncan, Foxwares, Miranda Bennett, Studio B, Nelson Project, Birch & Goldberry, Feathers, Sam Roberts LA, Manready Mercantile, Filth Mart, Stowe Provisions, Small Room Collective, Bexar Goods, Traveller Denim, M Quan, Giles & Brother, Blockshop Textiles and many more. 

Please check out the info below and apply today. 

We review every application and make our choice on the following criteria: 

  • Overall vision, aesthetic and demographic of wares in line with the Bunkhouse Retail Vision and target audience.
  • Overall cohesiveness of work, craftsmanship and quality of products
  • Price point on target with our audience

The vendor fee for pop ups varies between property and type of event. If selected to be a vendor at a Bunkhouse event, we will contact you with current opportunities. Thank you for applying to be a vendor at Bunkhouse properties, we look forward to working with you!